Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Welcome to F8 Nightclub & Bar (San Francisco)

f8 is one of those little gems that pops up every once in a while.  Smaller, intimate, run by a good crew, catering to music purists and snobs, but not in a bad way.  More in an excited there-is-so-much-amazing-music-and-I-have-to-play-it-for-you kind of way.

Walking in the door, the main room is split in half by a wall separating the bar from the decent-sized dance floor, with a couple lounge/bottle service areas towards the back. f8 features two bars, a really solid sound system and some interesting art from local painters.

Keeping with the more casual atmosphere, the inside is decorated in sort of a mish mash, urban modern style.  Hardwood floors, neon accents, and some art deco flourishes combine into something kinda trendy chic, but casual.

Hosting all sorts of niche DJs and obscure but respected talent, you can be reasonably sure they are going to, at the very least, be really good at whatever they do.  f8’s Wednesday night weekly Housepitality (which focuses on, you guessed it, house) was named the Best Place to the be in the Middle of the Week by SF Weekly.  Stamina Sundays drum and bass party is another of the city’s favorites, attracting bi-name international talent like AK1200, Dara, and Klute.

One patron said:
“I LOVE IT HERE! I don't understand all the hype behind 1015 Folsom and other bars in the area when THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT.

I have been coming here a lot lately because they are always having a diverse variety of events! Last week, I saw Candy Rain and this past Friday, they had an art/music event with performance by Pluto Mars and Aux Lord. I have been here for quite a few years and they definitely have increased the quality of their speakers and have hired better bartenders! For such a stand up venue, I am not surprised that they are getting more and more awesome headliners as the years go on! F8 keep doing what you are doing, can't wait to come back!”

Another satisfied attendee said:
“I swore I wouldn't work in a venue when I moved here because I didn't want to loose the magic and love I have for sf's music scene... f8 has always been a favorite, so when they asked me if to lend a hand, of course I made the exception. Glad I did because I get to work with some of the most amazing insightful musicians and booking agents in the game, and I feel like I can make a real difference in making the dance community safe and accessible, the way it should b for everyone. I feel very blessed to devote myself to this place. Forever a proud patron first, from icon to f8, this place is my cozy little home of low light and big big sound.”