Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Welcome to Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine (Richmond Hill, Ontario)

A meal is a social event meant to be experienced with others. Food is shared in a communal setting. Dishes are served “family style” to ensure all guests get a taste of everything. The principles of Chinese cuisine are entrenched in a theory of harmony, dictating that all facets of the senses are stimulated equally. A balance of tastes, textures, fragrances and colours are presented in a way that enhance and accent the other.
Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine specializes in just that. Only the best ingredients are used in the preparation of all of the fine cuisine offered at Yang’s Fine Cuisine. They're pleased to bring together people for a lovely dinner shared in an inviting, warm atmosphere. The selection of pork, beef, duck, chicken & seafood dishes is ideal for the whole family. Yang's also have noodles & rice, appetizers & barbecues, Chef & dim sum specials, and fresh vegetables & hot soup.

From the late 19th century through to the 1980s, Toronto’s original Chinatown was a landing pad for working-class Chinese immigrants. In recent generations, immigrants from China have made a home north of the city, in Markham. Yang’s is more expensive than most dim sum establishments, and customers often have to elbow their way in through an aggressive swarm at the door, but the food is better (I live in the old Chinatown and I love being able to walk to a place with dim sum cart service, but the food cannot compare to Yang’s). All the usual dim sum staples — har gow, char siu bao, lo bak go — are prepared with finer craft and better ingredients. Just be prepared to fight for a table.