Monday, July 10, 2017

Welcome to "The Spot"

In this edition of Hot Spots we traveled to Atlanta to shed a little light on one of ATL’s best kept secrets. Nestled in the heart of Tucker, Ga just a few short minutes from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Atlanta is a hot spot aptly named The Spot Bar and Grill. (Seriously..that’s the name) Located at 4578 Britt Road Tucker , GA 30084. The Spot is one of Atlanta’s premier sports bar and grills.  The spot offers some of the best food, drinks, and all around atmosphere in the Atlanta area. Those that get irritated with the over crowdedness and congestion of the downtown ATL lifestyle take the 7 minute drive to The Spot and enjoy the same atmosphere with better parking and less drama. Tonight I popped in on the owner Sharmin (pronounced Shar-meen), headlining bartender Marlee, and loyal patron Indiana who has been frequenting The Spot for years.


Levelz: What’s up Sharmin. How have you been?
Sharmin: Hey Sean I’m good. Always a pleasure to have you come through.
Levelz: You know I can’t be in the neighborhood and not come see my people.
(we share a laugh)
Levelz: So let’s get this party started. So how long have you owned The Spot?
Sharmin: It’s been 10 years now. We had a huge 10 year anniversary party.
Levelz: Damn that’s a good look. Sorry I missed that one. I know it was crazy.
Sharmin: Yeah it was lit. We partied all night.
Levelz: I’m sure ya’ll did. So why name it The Spot?
Sharmin: The name originally came from our regular guests who were from Mumbai India.
Levelz: Wow that is very creative. So what is The Spot most known for?
Sharmin: Drinks, food, Hookah, and most of all the family atmosphere and friendly staff.
Levelz: I can definitely attest to that. What's the wildest thing that ever happened here?
Sharmin: That’s an easy one. I met my husband here.
Levelz: Word? I didn’t know that. That’s what’s up. I never hear of any fights or drama here. How do you maintain that?
Sharmin: Simple. Customers are God; You treat them as such and it eliminates and tension and creates an entirely different atmosphere.
Levelz: I hear you have the sexiest bartenders around. What is your hiring process?
Sharmin: That one is even more simple. Pretty girls attract pretty girls. Now take this shot with me and go enjoy yourself. Whatever you want is on me tonight.
Levelz: Thanks Sharmin. Always love and a pleasure to come to The Spot.

Shortly after downing not one but FOUR shots with Sharmin I made my way over to Marlee who had the place jumping with her pretty face, bubbly personality, and great drinks.


Levelz: Hey Marlee. Thanks for doing the interview I know you are busy tonight.
Marlee: No Problem. Anything for you and Levelz.
LevelzSo I don’t hear that southern drawl. Where are you from?
Marlee: Well I’m originally from Boston but I have lived here in Atlanta for about 10 years now. I love it here. I love the money, I love the speed, I truly just can’t get enough of it.
Levelz: So out of all the places to bartend in Atlanta, why did you choose the spot?
Marlee: I chose The Spot simply because I am able to be me here. I don’t have to put on a face. I can personally interact with my customers and give them each the individual attention they deserve. They love me and I love them.
Levelz: Every bartender has their specialty drink; what is yours?
Marlee: I actually have two. One is called Fantasy and the other is called “Respek me in the mornin’.” Fantasy has the guests lower the walls they may have up, it makes them happy and warm so that they can enjoy themselves & interact with others.  Respek me in the mornin’ has the same effect but to the 10th power. And both names speak for themselves.
Levelz: Well damn. Those sound like pretty wild. What is the wildest thing you have seen happen after people drinking those?
Marlee: After drinking the fantasy I have actually seen 3 strangers at the bar just start making out. There was two girls & one guy. After two more drinks they abruptly left. TOGETHER.

Levelz: Wow. Make me one of those while we talk. So what is in a Fantasy?
Marlee: It depends. You know everyone’s Fantasy is different. But it definitely brings out your most inner fantasy.
Levelz: Hold up. We're talking all liquor right? No added surprises?
Marlee: (burst out in laughter) Naaaaawww! All liquor. We don’t get down like that here.
Levelz: What's been your biggest night in tips here?
Marlee: About $1500.
Levelz: Sheesh. I’m in the wrong business.
Marlee: That’s the type of love you get here at The Spot. We give it out & it comes back to us.
Levelz: Tell me about your boss Sharmin? Why work for her when someone of your caliber can work for anyone in Atanta?
Marlee: I've known Sharmin for years. She's a genuine & wonderful person. I feel like loyalty is royalty. Sharmin allows her staff to bring ideas to the table to make the club better. She treats us great & she's a female owner doing big things in the “A.” You know us girls gotta stick together.
Levelz: Why does everyone flock to Marlee when they come to The Spot?
Marlee: They know me & my attitude. They know I make all of my drinks with love. I can relate to what you have been through whether it’s problems at ome or just a long day at the office. You know if you come see me at The Spot Marlee is gonna make it all better.  That’s why you look at the hash tag slogans around the club. #marleemadeit Because they know if Marlee made it then the shit is lit!
Levelz: That’s what’s up. Well thank you for taking time out to talk to Levelz Magazine.
Marlee: Anytime. I have heard great things about you and Levelz. Thank you for the interview. Now tell me your fantasy so I can make it come true.


Levelz: Okay so I’m sitting here with one of The Spot’s most loyal patrons. Your name is Indiana correct?
Indiana: Yes that is correct.
Levelz: Please tell me your last name is not Jones.
Indiana: No it’s not (lol)
Levelz: Awesome. Where are you from originally?
Indiana: I’m from Nicaragua.
Levelz: Dope. How long have you been here?
Indiana: 26 years here in Atlanta.
Levelz: Out of all the places in Atlanta to party at, why come to The Spot?
Indiana:  I like the atmosphere and I love the way the customers are treated. I love that I can just come here and relax. The drinks are great, the food is awesome you definitely have to try a Boti Roll.
Levelz: Cool. What is it?
Indiana: It’s a cuisine from Sharmin’s country. It’s a patty filled with beef or chicken, but it’s the sauce that makes the dish.
Levelz: Okay bet I will get one before I leave and definitely mention it in Levelz.  Now let me ask you this; how far do you live from here?
Indiana: About 5 minutes.
Levelz: Okay so let me ask you this. If you moved 45 minutes away would you still travel here to party?
Indiana: Most definitely & I’m not just saying that either. The Friday’s & Saturday’s are off the chain. And I know everyone here & again the way she treats her customers is unheard of.
Levelz: What is your favorite thing about coming here?
Indiana: When I walk in I head straight to the bar and my drink is made right away, but more important than that we are like one huge family.
Levelz: You are like the 3rd person that has said that tonight. If you could say something to people who are traveling to Atlanta to party what would you say to them?
Indiana: Come try something new. Don’t follow the hype. Come kick your feet up and relax where they will remember you when you come back 5 years later. Come enjoy a whole new experience.
Levelz: I feel you on that. Well thank you for taking time out from partying to come and talk to Levelz about your experiences here at The Spot. Stay tuned because we have some big things headed this way for ya’ll.
Indiana: It was my pleasure and I will definitely put Levelz on my list of things to read.

So there you have it ladie’s and gentlemen. Make sure when you are in the “A” you come on down to The Spot and tell them Sean sent you….until next time!