Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welcome to "Mad Matty's Bar and Grill"

Welcome to Hot Spots, your guide to the countries hottest bars, clubs & lounges. Our choice this month is a nice laid back bar & grill called Mad Matty's.

Mad Matty's is a gaming bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, Sin City! Most people think the only thing Vegas has to offer is the world famous Las Vegas Strip, that's not true. If you're in town & want a change of scenery, head down to Mad Matty's. It's a great place, food is delicious and the machines are hot!

The bartenders are what attracted us most to this establishment though. These guys are friendly, funny, and always accessible.

We got the chance to sit down with some of our favorite bartenders at Matty's and ask them a few questions, these guys had a lot to say lol. So let's give a warm Levelz welcome to Jason Rosa, Anne Woods, Sean Allen and Stephanie Christmas. Mad Matty's Bar & Grill is our Hot Spot of the month.

Levelz: Welcome to Levelz Digital you guys! Tell us where you're from and how long you've been a bartender at Mad Matty's

Anne: Hi guys! My name is Anne. I'm from St. Paul, Minnesota, and have been here at Mad Mattys for about two and a half years now!

Jason: Hello, thank you for choosing us. I am originally from California, more specifically The Silicon Valley. I have been a bartender at Mad Matty's for six years now.

Sean: Originally from Wills Point, Tx. Been slangin'em and payin'em at Mad Matty's for lil over 7 years.

Stephanie: Hi ,I'm from Youngstown ohio I've been a bartender in Las Vegas for 20 years I've been working  at Mad Matty's for almost 2 yrs.

Levelz: What made you want to become a bartender?

Anne: When I first moved to Las Vegas, I worked in a fast pace night club as a cocktail server. It was a blast at times, but the loud crazy music and getting groped all the time was awful. I wanted to start Bartending because I loved talking and meeting new people (customers) but I liked the idea that bar itself created a bit of a barrier between myself and an over eager guest! 

Jason: It started back in California, I was food serving while going to college and realized I could make more money "for school" if I started bartending. And to be totally honest, I'd being lying if I didn't say I had a picture of Cocktail in my head at that time, especially bartending at some beach resort.

Sean: The interaction with people. I get to serve drinks and conversate with great customers and not so great customers.

Stephanie: The honest answer is the money was amazing and still is a good living! the long term answer: i love what i do i enjoy people i'm a very social person.

Levelz: Mad Matty's look pretty mellow, has it ever gotten a little crazy in there? Lol

Jason: Yes, Matty's is pretty mellow. We definitely have more of a laid back gaming crowd.  But as with most places that serve alcohol, there have been people wanting to fight, people celebrating their sports teams winning. We have had a few birthdays that have gotten a little out of control. Usually in a fun and happy way, drinking, gambling, and of course the occasional flashing. But usually it is just like a group of family that get along and have a good time together.

Sean: Crazy? No. It has gotten a lil outta hand. But majority of the time it's nice and chill.

Stephanie: Yes for the most part Mad Matty's is mellow, but there has been nights where we look up and we have 20 guys come in after laser tag across the street and a Bachelorette party and a birthday party all walk in at the same time , we rocked it though everyone had a great time!

Levelz: Since Matty's is a gaming bar, what's the most you've ever seen someone win?

Anne: While working my shift, the most I have seen in a single jackpot is $10,000!!

Jason: I personally have only been on shift for hits of $20,000, $12,500, $10,000 multiple times. But we have had two people hit for $40,000.

Sean: We pay out a lot of jackpots, but the most I have been a part of is a guy that was playing 1$ 10 play. Machine dealt him 4-Aces w/kicker. Paid him 40 thousand dollars.

Stephanie: There have been many many nights at Mad Matty's where we've paid out multiple jackpots but the largest jackpot was $40.000!! That is a game changer!!

Levelz: Tell us one of the best times you've had as a bartender at Mad Matty's. Then tell us one of the worst times.

Anne: While working at At Mad Mattys, I always have a great time. The customers and my coworkers make it easy to enjoy what I'm doing. However one day, a lady came in and sat at the bar. She seemed down and out. After she ordered her drink, I had asked her if she was alright, knowing her answer was going to be no, and she confirmed that. Tears fell and she explained.     

Long story short, her car had been towed and she didn't have the money to get it out. And if she didn't have a car, she couldn't make it to work and she would be fired. Well thanks to Mad Mattys wonderful gaming machines, with only a few bucks in, she hit for 800$!  Enough money to get her car out!! She was so happy and excited, it made my day!!

There are not many bad days here at Mad Mattys for me. But one Evening a female guest ordered a couple shots. A few minutes later she ran to the bathroom. She came out and announced; she threw up in our bathroom. She has not had a drink in 10 months (she just had a baby). She was really sorry. And she tried to clean it up the best she could! ---- Come on dude! 

The cleaning crew wouldn't come in for a few more hours so I had to bite the bullet and clean it up myself. Shout out to her tho, She did a great job cleaning up after herself. I mopped the floor, took out the trash and that was it. It was still the worst day I've had tho.

Jason: The best times is tough, because there has been a lot of jackpots making good money, funny things that people do. And you just look and think am I really watching and experiencing this right now. But, I really think the best time is ongoing with all our guests that come in and ask about how my kids and family are doing. They remember specific things that they are doing and bring them Birthday gifts and stuff like that. The worst thing that happened was one night I was working and I bent down to get a glass out of the cooler and my back cramped up. I couldn't get back up, I looked around and tried calling out to the girl I was working with, but she was busy and couldn't hear me. So I looked around and no one noticed I was on the floor, so I crawled on my hands and knees to the back room. I laid there on the floor hoping either she would come back, our server or the cook in the kitchen would walk that way. Finally, the server comes by, I ask her to go get the girl I was working with. So my coworker comes back and I ask for some ice as I was trying to stretch it out. She laughs, leaves, then comes back and takes pictures of me laying there on the floor with her phone.

Sean: My best was on a graveyard shift. Bout 1:30 in the morning. A friend brings in a guy. Jus so happens to be Marshawn Lynch. Talkin bout a solid guy. The worst is having no one in the bar drinking or gambling!!

Stephanie: Matty's is an awesome  place to work. We have a team of great people, its a good feeling to like where you work. We've had some challenges with accidents & mishaps lol but I guess I haven't really had a "worst day" you take the challenge and make the best of it , remember you'll laugh about it later.

Levelz: What's one of the biggest misconceptions about bartenders?

Anne: I am usually a pretty nice lady. At the bank, at a bbq, at the gym, and while working at Mad Mattys. I'm just nice. Ladies, if I'm nice to your man, (who's sitting next to you at the bar) I'm not flirting with him and I'm definitely not after him. I'll be nice to him, just as I am to you.

And fellas, just because I am nice, serving you a drink. It doesn't mean I'm going to hand out my phone number to you and "go for drinks later". ... Rant over! Lol

Jason: One would be that we know all drinks from all parts of the country or every restaurant and club. There are lots of drinks with the same name that are made differently on the West Coast than they are made back East.

Sean: People have this idea that bartenders just serve drinks. Well there is work that needs to be done to have a well maintained good looking bar. We have to stock everything, wipe down the bar and ash treys, fill the ice. Cleaning and sanitizing all the mats and dishes. Cutting fruit. Do inventory. And of course paperwork.

Stephanie: That we should know how to make every drink in the bartenders black book

Levelz: Can you give some advice to the up & coming bartenders out there?

Anne: Have fun, be yourself and smile. Sometimes people come to a bar to escape their problems. A genuine smile can make their day, and it goes a long way!

Jason: Save your money, it's way too easy to spend money on something stupid knowing you are going to make it all back and maybe more the next day. More importantly don't take rude people personally. Just let it go, don't take time you shouldn't letting it bother you. Most people are cool, but there are those miserable people out there wanting to make everyone else miserable too.

Sean: If you like to bullshit with people. Meet good people. Then this is a career you should get into. And Don't loan customers money.

Stephanie: Bartending can be an amazing job and a great living in las vegas , be attentive, be in a good mood, always make your customers feel special!

Levelz: Thanks you guys for your time.  Any last words or shout outs?

Anne: Thank you Hasan! Readers come in to visit me! I work Sunday nights with Jason 4-11pm, and Monday thru Thursday during the day, 8am -4pm!

Jason: I would like to thank Levelz Digital for choosing us and promoting us in their inaugural double issue! I thank all the awesome people we work with. Great teamwork makes the dream work. I would like to thank my family and their support and understanding with the odd hours, and having to miss holidays and other events. I thank our ownership and management for all they do and plans they have to keep up with the ever changing bar and gaming industry. Stay tuned for the changes coming, maybe we can be lucky enough to do the one year anniversary issue and show all the changes. Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank all of our guests that come in and make it all happen. We are definitely always looking to meet new people, so don't hesitate come check us out.

Sean: If you are EVER in Las Vegas. Roll through and check out Mad Matty's. Shout out and special Thanks to Hasan for the special he is running for Mad Mattys. And of course A huge shout out to the whole crew for making Mad Matty's one of the BEST GAMING and drinking establishments in Las Vegas.

Stephanie: Thank you Levelz Digital for promoting us!!!...Mad Matty's has some of the best bartenders in Las Vegas, we love seeing new faces stop by and tell us you read this article and  we'll buy you a drink!

Mad Matty's Bar & Grill is located at: 8100 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117